World Peace

Good morning my Mary,

Can we begin to speak of World Healing?

Good morning my dear daughter,

There are many, many who are concerned with this vitally important subject. And there are many who are addressing it daily. It seems currently that the upheavals and crises taking place all over the world are not subsiding but are, in fact, increasing. It is disturbing and even frightening to feel at such a loss as to how to effect change in your environment and the world at large.

Though it feels to some like the approach of an apocalyptic ending it is in truth the painful falling apart of systems that have outlived their time, of structures that are not in alignment with higher levels of Truth and Goodness, of ways of relating and being that are not supportive of the gift of life itself. Endings are often difficult and mankind struggles and suffers when it is made to give up its attachment to those things most highly prized. Look around all over the planet and you will observe those in power within systems of government, in churches, business, political systems, family structures, and those able to make decisions regarding the resources of the Earth fight any and all changes to the status quo because those changes threaten what they hold most dear.

Yes, this upheaval, though not comfortable, is necessary. Even the Earth is in upheaval as you can see clearly in climate change. In your daily witnessing of the upheaval do not fall prey to the fears that can arise from a sense of loss of control. Focus instead on the great stirrings for change and transformation that are heard throughout the world. Do not lose hope now that there is an equally strong clamping down, through whatever means possible, by those in power. Goodness and Truth are to prevail, but a certain level of grounding and maturing must take place in the spirit of mankind. Of course, there are many who cannot and will not be able to join in this movement but change and a healing of the world can be affected without them. A sufficient majority is what is needed.


Healing is needed on both an individual level and within the systems and structures that make up the world you live in. On the individual level each of you must tend to your state of consciousness and to the care of your bodies. Life, with its increasing level of demands and distractions, constantly threatens to hijack your attention and efforts to live with greater levels of awareness.

It is imperative that you develop and commit to a spiritual practice that allows you to return regularly to your center of greater peace and stillness. There you will be nourished and restored. There you will, in a most direct way, be connected to the Peace that is the underpinning of your being and the world. This will provide you with the practice time needed to learn to maintain the level of awareness that needs to manifest in your life and in the greater world at large.

In your daily life, with increasing levels of awareness, tune into your own beliefs, habitual ways of reacting or responding and areas where you may be deluding yourself or others. With courage, let the light of your awareness lead you to uncover the deeper truths within yourself. Healing awaits on the other side of these revelations.

As you turn, with increasing levels of care, to tend to your body, a new tenderness will emerge along with the embodied knowledge of what it feels like to be loved and cared for. The compassion you feel for yourself will flow naturally toward others.

February 16, 2020

The healing that must take place within the systems and structures of your world will reflect the healing taking place within individuals but also will be the results of concerted efforts on the part of many. It is to be expected at this time that the process will not unfold in a smooth manner because there will be losses to those in power. There will be backlashes and the apparent failings of efforts to bring about change but you must not allow yourselves to be deterred in your quest for Truth, Justice and Peace.

The internet has greatly advanced the efforts to bring about needed change, but one must be very judicious in its use. Speech is a powerful tool and must issue from a place of wisdom and compassion. Think of great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and follow his example.

Again, I remind you not to fall prey to fears. You are asked to step forward as an instrument of Peace, as a soldier of Justice and as a steady source of Compassion in a world that is in great transition. You are being transformed in the process and are contributing to the intended manifestation of “Heaven on Earth”.

All my Love and Blessings to you to, Dear Ones,


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