Mary's Messages of Hope and Love

Morning Letters is a collection of conversations with Mother Mary that transpired over a period of a year and a half. I have gathered these into a little book to share with others who feel similarly drawn to her wisdom and love. Our times of coming together as Mother and daughter, teacher and student were primarily in the morning — a time when my worries and concerns, as well as my openness to new understanding, are at their height. Mary guided me lovingly through many of my personal trials, as well as bringing new understanding and hope to deep spiritual questions



I could hear Mary's voice so clearly and distinctly in her words on your pages, it brought tears of joy to my eyes.  You have captured her words, her spirit, her love so well.  Perfectly.  I opened up a beautiful book that is a visual treasure, and its images go straight to the heart, even before the words are read.  I am moved and filled with gratitude that you have taken the time to receive these letters from her, and have asked questions that are pertinent to all of us. This book truly is a gift to the world.

Christen McCormack





   Morning Letters is a collection of conversations between Mother Mary and the author that spanned a year and a half. Mary brought solace and hope to the personal challenges of the author as well as illumination to events unfolding now on Earth and those likely to manifest in coming times.

   Through this intimate sharing of the challenges that all humans face, the reader gains deeper understanding of the truth that we are not alone in our times of suffering and that guidance and support are offered at all times from the realm of Spirit. Mary’s wisdom and comfort inspire hope anew, and clear the way to greater discernment in choosing a path forward through life’s challenges and losses.


   Mary brings her deep caring and higher level of understanding to matters of great concern taking place in our times, including the refugee situation, immigration, and the increase in terrorism. She asks us to open our hearts, broaden our thinking, widen our circle of compassion, and begin to see ourselves as one people, one family.


   Perhaps most importantly, Morning Letters is a vehicle for the gift of unconditional love. The specially commissioned painting of Mary used for the book cover as well as the interior artwork are intended to facilitate the reader’s connection with Mary and the blessings she  brings into our lives. May the reader be blessed by these words and images.

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