Demonstrations in Charlottesville - Mary's words of guidance and comfort

August 12, 2017

My Dearest Mary,

Can you speak to the chaos and violence that is taking place in Charlottesville this weekend?

My Dear Ones,

Frustration with abuses of power, the deception taking place throughout the culture, and the lack of accountability of those intended to lead has reached a fever pitch. Demonstrations of those who promote and promulgate hate are being met with resistance and a resounding no to the values that denigrate many in your country and throughout the world.

Whole groups of people have had their fears and prejudices legitimized and validated. The shadow side of man has been given a voice and a spokesperson. People mistake the energy that arises with anger and hatred as true power. Being filled with this energy leads one to feeling righteous. Nothing could be further from the truth. The anger and hatred that is prevalent in so much of the communication flooding your world issues from minds and hearts that are closed. Ignorance of the mind, heart and being is what is marching down the streets. This ignorance spews out in tweets, and spills out in any opportunity to control and distort the truth.

A re-ordering of your world is taking place. There are changes coming to your world that you will be unfamiliar with. You are being ushered into a time where each is asked to take greater responsibility for one’s words and actions. This will not be possible without increased self knowledge and awareness. Thoughts that arise and manifest in words or actions reveal a great deal about belief systems that can remain hidden. They must be attended to.

You are witnessing the exposure of the shadow side of mankind. The prejudice, fears and hatred that have been legitimized in your recent history have been hidden from view but active in man’s hearts and minds. This time is uncomfortable but so necessary to reveal what still needs healing.

When you are presented with an opportunity to speak your truth, do so from a place of empowerment. Do not succumb to the temptation to attack, to demonize the other person. Your message can not and will not be taken in by someone under attack. There will be many who simply are not ready to move out of a consciousness that is primarily organized around fear. Recognize this and step away. You will serve best when you strive to stay in your truth and power and take responsibility for what you create in the world through your words and actions.

My Blessings to all during these challenging times.

With much Love,


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