Standing up for Truth

June 10, 2018

My Dearest Mary,

The times become more and more confusing and filled with new levels of chaos on a daily basis. Why is there no rising up against the assault on truth and morality that is taking place?

My Dear,

You are bearing witness to a time in the world’s history where the insanity of the egoic mind has reached a fever pitch. You have a leader of the most powerful country in the world that has lost all connection with his light. The “success” he has experienced has fanned the flames of a false personality that is obsessed with power. This false self, devoid of connections to any real source of Goodness, demands to be fed by continuous attention and adulation from those who have fallen under his spell.

Many have turned a blind eye to the denigration of values that wise leaders have tried to instill in your nation’s fabric. They have abandoned the truth that is present in their souls out of fear of loss of security. They mistakenly see one who abuses power as powerful. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is a test of all souls to learn to discern the truth and then find the courage to stand up for the truth and continue to do so day after day.

Those who have fallen prey to the deceptions being perpetuated have become food for the insatiable hunger of an ego that has lost connection to Truth and Goodness. They will not wake from this dream of deception - if at all - until a mighty shock causes them to question what they have perceived as reality.

Others, who observe dishonesty and wrong doing but refuse to bear witness, are culpable and weaken themselves by not standing in their truth. There shall be a price to pay for their lack of honesty and integrity. Why must man continue to choose suffering as their primary pathway of learning! Standing in one’s truth involves some risk of loss but the price exacted for complicity in wrongdoing and the perpetuation of lies and deception is far greater.

Let these times be the exceptional opportunity they are to stand firmly in your truth, grounded and filled with your soul’s light, acting as a beacon of Light to the world. Though each of you is obliged to navigate through the exceptionally choppy waves of life on Earth at this time, there is a great gift being offered – the opportunity of mining out your authentic self. You are in the process of discovering that you are none other than a delightful, light-filled soul imbued with goodness, unique gifts and passions unlike any other on the face of the Earth.

I send my blessings of strength and courage to all.


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