Steps to Life Calling Work (or any Soul desire)

February 7, 2016

Good morning my Mary,

If there are no logical steps to take to arrive at my life calling work, what do I follow to be led to it?

My Dear,

As in your dream last night, ask to be supported and protected. You were literally handicapped in your dream and knew you had to ask for support and protection from those who had ill intent towards you. This time has brought you to a place where you feel you have exhausted your options and all you have left is to turn to Spirit in true humility and ask for help.

All glory belongs to God and you carry that spark of divinity inside of you. You are not separated from that, though identified with your fears; you have distanced yourself from it. Remember the words of the Master: “I and the Father are one.” When you reside in the Sacred Indwelling Presence, you and the Father, your creator and the creator of all, are One. What you need will not and cannot be kept from you. That is not within the nature of Truth.

You are asked to move into this reality – the only true reality – with only the companion of faith. Ask for your faithfulness to be increased. This gift will be extended to you each time you ask. I hold you in constant love and have the deepest compassion for your long enduring struggle.

My full blessings to you, dear daughter.


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