Love and Discernment

January 11, 2017

Let us begin to speak together of Love and Discernment in this time of continuing unrest in your country as well as throughout the world. The upheavals that are taking place now and that are slated to continue for several years to come are naturally creating a great deal of unease. The planetary atmosphere or energy field is carrying an exceptionally heavy load of this at present and even without your awareness, you are being affected by it.

I speak to you today to enlist your support in lightening this burden on all inhabitants of Earth as well as on the blessed Earth itself. You are facing several years of continued strife and conflict and of the types that many of you have not faced in this lifetime. But, you are not without power or tools to personally mediate and lessen the impact of this accumulated load of fear and anxiety.

First, I wish to remind you to take the utmost responsibility for your speech – both verbal and written. Words and the intentions behind them have such a powerful effect and so you must do everything within your power to create consciously in the world and from a place of love. There is so much fear present in the world at this time and the most powerful thing you can do right now is to stand in Truth and serve as a channel for Love. It is exceptionally difficult to do under these life conditions but each battle fought for Love leads to a critical mass of this new consciousness arising.

Each must look to his or her own life circumstances to become thoroughly familiar with the places where you routinely fall prey to fear. It does not have to relate to the unrest that is plaguing the earth at this time, though it may. The paths that have been trodden and defined in your mind and being lead you away from your power and your connection to the Source of Goodness that all beings share. Their reality and the power they sway in your lives must begin to be questioned and in time dismantled. And this work needs to be taken up with immediacy because it is so needed at this time.

Please remember that each interaction you have with other beings leaves a mark, makes an impression that remains in the energy field of Earth and indeed extends further than that. Take responsibility for everything you give birth to in life – your thoughts, your words, your speech but especially your state of consciousness, for this is the womb from which everything arises.

We stop here today so that you may reflect on these ideas. Remember that we in Spirit will support you at every juncture when you turn to us in earnest.

My great love to each and every one of you.


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