Creating a Sanctuary amidst upheaval

Good morning my Dear Ones,

I am grateful for this opportunity to speak with you in the midst of great upheaval, both in your personal lives and in life on earth in general. It may feel as if life is touched by insanity in so many places and that a path back to a sense of normalcy and order cannot be found. Many voices and a general atmosphere of distrust and anxiety are reflecting this back to you. This generalized state of fear adds to the feelings of vulnerability many of you are experiencing from the oftentimes fragile conditions of your life.

I bring no glad tidings of these outer conditions being ameliorated in the near future but, I wish you to know that you do not move through these challenging times alone. You are each being shepherded very carefully through this storm - and with great love.

The sensing of improper use of and potential abuse of power by those coming into leadership is directly contributing to the reclaiming of power by ordinary man. Many have begun to more actively advocate for goodness, morality and proper stewardship of the earth in their daily lives. No longer will people assume that their welfare will be attended to by those in leadership. The path is not short, nor easy to tread upon, but many will now actively and vocally rally for true and enlightened leadership: leadership that is concerned for the good of all, leadership that recognizes that each person must move into their own fullness of empowerment and potential in order for the whole to flourish.

One of the great unfoldings for humanity at this time is the growth of community where each can both express and experience great care and love for each other. Gratitude naturally springs from these connections and this helps to neutralize fear and rebalance the psyche. Create a sanctuary of deep caring and connection for yourself and each of those to whom you extend yourself. Look to your connections with each other as the sacred space where the gifts of Spirit are both given and received. This is one of the major ways that Spirit is able to interact with and support each of you. You will witness these gifts multiply in the coming months and years of this passage. That will be one of the great blessings of this time.

With my outpouring of great love,


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