Letter to Mary: Political System

Letter to Mary, March 20, 2016

Good morning my Mary,

Can you speak of the unprecedented events taking place in our political system at this time?

Yes, my Daughter. What is taking place in your country at this time is in alignment with what is taking place in many other parts of the world. It is in its early stages and is marked with much chaos and disorder. There is an evolutionary move towards the establishment of true and rightful power in the world – in governments, in organizations, in churches and other centers of power.

Part of this is evident in the demand for greater transparency and honesty in actions taken by those at the heads of organizations. Much of the chaos that took place in the financial collapse stemmed from those in positions of power and influence acting in self serving ways, without accountability and operating in a system with little to no transparency.

Many politicians have acted in self serving ways, with a sense of immunity from consequences. They have lost connection with the inner calling to serve the good of all. The sense of entitlement of those in power is staggering. It is in alignment with the prevalent sense of entitlement manifesting in many places throughout the world.

The supporters of the one who rules by abusing power feel disenchanted and are clinging to one who appears powerful to them. They hold onto old, outdated ideas of power. These are people who are easily swayed by persuasive rhetoric, impressed by the trappings of money, fame and “power”. Their minds are unable to be changed. They have been baited, caught and reeled in.

Now those with an understanding of the consequences of choosing such a ruler are called to participate in creating a new, more evolved form of government – one that is devoted to caring for the good of all. Hold tight to the truth in these coming days, months and years. Do not weary in your efforts to bring about greater Peace and Love on Earth.

With great blessings for this victorious undertaking,



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