Letter to Mary: Election Results

Letter to Mary: November 10, 2016

Mother Mary,

The election results were shocking and deeply disappointing to me and many, many others. Can you give us a vision of how to move forward in the coming months and years?

My Dear,

The political upheaval that is taking place is part of, and indeed contributes to, the unrest that prevails on Earth at this time. It is likely to continue throughout most of this decade. The discordant beliefs that have been touted and to which a seal of approval has been given will cause a backlash from those that find these beliefs to be an antithesis of goodness and morality.

Those who stand consciously in the light must sustain and even increase their efforts to serve as beacons of light in the world. Many are now invited to join them in serving more consciously in their day-to-day life. All are urged to cast light on the many places of ignorance that we see at this time. Humanity is asked to act from a center of courage that exists within each, and to embody Truth in every aspect of their lives.

Each of you, through connecting with the Source of Goodness, is given the strength to move humanity and the Earth toward greater peace. You are partnering with Spirit in all of your endeavors that strive to bring about justice, equality, and open heartedness toward all. Do not lose heart in this work. Support each other and applaud all efforts that are in alignment with the revolutionary move toward creating Peace on Earth and Goodwill among men.

I send my blessings to you, especially in the coming days and months. Draw strength from all who work in Spirit to support mankind. You will not travel through these challenging times by yourself.

With great Love,


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