The suffering of Khashoggi

My Mary,

I am devasted by what was done to the journalist, Khashoggi and equally devasted by our administration’s response to it. Can you speak to this?

My Dear,

We in Spirit suffered with him and we continue to suffer with all those affected by his brutal killing. The world is asked again to stand up to the abject abuse of power and the complete disregard for the sanctity of human life. Mankind is being shown the baseness of spirit of those purportedly powerful leaders. The greed that strips people of their humanity is in high relief in the crisis of spirit.

Do not let this event fall by the wayside. Your president is particularly artful in twisting the truth and distracting the masses from his most current failings. Talk to anyone that might listen, reach out to lawmakers, speak out on social media, and bring this tragic event up in your churches. Try to make a difference in any way that might help.

Do all that you can and know that each effort makes a difference in reclaiming the source of Good in your lives.

My blessings of healing to all who have been affected by this tragedy.

With Great Love,


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