Growing Ears that Hear

June 23, 2018

My Dearest Mary,

How do we develop the capacity to hear and discern the truth?

My Dear,

This is particularly relevant at this time and is one of the learnings that mankind is embarking upon at this point in history. Without ears to hear or eyes to see, a person has no access to the truth. Without ears to hear and eyes to see a man turns over his power to choose and serve Goodness to others that he deems more powerful than he. Not developing ears to hear he acquiesces to living unconsciously, being pushed and pulled about by fears and prejudices.

This crisis with immigration and the separation of children from parents has arisen to challenge humanity and cause them to question the basis of their thinking and their choosing in life. The policies that have been promulgated are without question an assault on Innocence itself and it took an action as outrageous as this to awake the sleeping giant.

The hard core supporters of such cruelty have lost their way and this writing would undoubtedly fall on deaf ears. But to the many others who are capable of growth I would remind you that the truth is discerned and revealed only in the innermost sanctuary of your heart. Others may provide guideposts to the truth but it is your privilege and responsibility to discern the truth. For this a sensitivity to life must be developed. An awareness to whatever is arising in the moment must be cultivated. This includes especially whatever is arising in your thoughts and feelings. This is where you have the opportunity to welcome all “visitors” that arrive at the door of your being, gain understanding of self, and provide a healing presence to all within that needs healing.

As you become less and less encumbered by that which was unwittingly kept in the dark, you develop a sensitivity to life and become an instrument of Truth. You are growing ears to hear and eyes to see.

Please call upon me with all requests for assistance in developing this highly important capacity.

My Love to all,


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