Escalating tensions with North Korea

August 30, 2017

My Dearest Mary,

Can you speak to us of the escalating conflict with North Korea?

My Dear Ones,

It is understandable that this situation causes deep concern for the welfare of your country and all others who could be affected by a more active conflict. This crisis is not intended to move to a state of warfare but it will move precipitously close. The unfolding of this situation is allowing you to see into the workings of the minds of those who will cling to power at all costs. This is power which has no connection to the voice of the heart or any source of goodness. It is an abuse of power which is directed only at self-preservation. There is no true connection to, or concern for, those being led or governed.

Part of man’s evolution at this time is coming to understand the nature of power. You have extreme examples of the abuse of power taking place in many places in the world. Seeing into the nature of the mind of one who abuses power is helpful to you in identifying what is not true power. So many people have been misled into believing in the mirage of power that these leaders regularly project. This, in part, has been an outgrowth of the narcissism that has been steadily increasing in your world. You grow in Truth when you are able to identify what is not truth and discard it. Let your words and actions reflect this and your own power will solidify and grow.

As for the situation with North Korea, work with the many in Spirit who are actively endeavoring to diffuse this situation. The top leaders involved are too crystallized in their minds and hearts to be touched by prayer but there are other openings for beneficent influences to enter that can begin to alter the course of this impending crisis. Hold strong, positive images in your minds and hearts of the diffusing of conflict and a resultant move toward reconciliation. Refuse to let those who abuse power render you powerless in this situation. Mankind is moving toward a life of greater discernment of and alignment with Truth. Let your new understandings and the actions that flow from them fill you with your own real power. In this way you are better able to serve as a force for good in this chaotic and challenging world.

Many blessings to you Dear Ones.

With Love,


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