Serving as Warriors for Truth amidst the uprising in your country

February 16, 2017

My Dear Ones,

We speak this morning, and will continue to speak for some time to come, of the uprising that is taking place in your country and throughout the world. As was predicted, this backlash is the swift response that came in reaction to the unforeseen victory of one who leads and manipulates the minds of others through a projection of fear. His view of the world is unfortunately based on an ignorant and incomplete understanding of life. This has been building for some time but the shift in your political system has given legitimacy to the fears that reside in the shadow of man.

This has to play out. All others who belong to governing bodies will have to, with great courage and conviction, stand in their truth and be part of a healing solution. Those who are more vested in their own power and position or who are incapable of discarding outdated belief systems will ultimately be left behind.

Spirit applauds the spirit and actions of those who, with courage and intention, stand in the truth and work to exemplify what is highest in humanity. Each of these efforts is noticed and is contributing to the arising of higher consciousness on the Earth at this time. A higher level of awareness is being gifted to mankind at this time. All those who are warriors for truth are creating a passageway for this to enter and be sown into the minds and hearts of humanity.

The actions and voices of many who extend themselves in love, who model acceptance and inclusiveness, are healing deep, old wounds of those who have been rejected, discriminated against, and treated in unkind and often hateful ways. There is a great beauty in what is beginning to unfold at this time. You are highly privileged to be a part of this. And yet, it is very disruptive and has brought a necessary imbalance to your world. You must be prepared to ride this storm out and in the way of “riding the wild tiger.”

Events will continue to unfold that you could not have conceived of six months ago. Send prayers daily to those who govern. Stay connected to friends and family and those that give you grounding in life. Create points of light in your individual lives and in the communities where you live. This will steady you and others and be a balancing factor in this time of upheaval. Remember, above all, to stand in your truth in Love. That will have the greatest effect in leading others who have identified with fear toward an opening of their hearts and minds.

With my great Love and blessings for a safe journey,


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