Letter to Mary

Letter to Mary, July 12, 2016

Mother Mary,

May we speak together about the uprising taking place against the use of excessive force by police against black Americans?

My Dear,

Yes, the forces of change are afoot in so many areas and arenas of contemporary life. The desire of each person to be treated with respect and fairness has come to the fore, and those crying out for this will no longer tolerate being ignored. The darkness of hatred and prejudice has been exposed repeatedly in more recent times. The judicious use of the Internet has helped to cast light on this shadow side of humanity, so much in need of acknowledgment and transformation.

The particular innocence of the black men killed in traffic stops recently has touched the hearts of many and has emboldened those who demand justice in your society. The killing of police officers in retaliation is the kind of response that will only exacerbate and never resolve these deep-seated fears and the resulting injustices. These acts of violence against those who were innocent of wrongdoing have only complicated the call for justice.

Only new understanding based on true seeing of oneself and others will usher in real change. And it is not limited to the current crisis that we speak of. Fear of “the other,” which can easily lead to aggressive stances and actions, must be identified, approached, and worked through. It is so prevalent in your society. It exists on every level and in every aspect of your lives.

Yes, training and education will make some difference in creating better relationships between police and the communities they serve. And those who are unable or unwilling to shift in their attitudes must be instructed to step down from serving in law enforcement. But fear and prejudice are much larger issues, residing -- to some degree -- in the hearts and minds of much of humanity.

You are being called, each of you, to extend yourselves to your fellow man. Open your minds and hearts to the truth of each soul that you meet. Become curious about the mystery that lies before you. Each carries the spark of Divine Love and Light, though it may not be readily seen. Begin to pay close attention to the thoughts that arise and the way discomfort manifests in your body when you meet someone you are not comfortable with. Take one step forward in becoming curious about the other, even in the midst of your discomfort, and you are embarking on the journey of healing prejudice and discarding fears. This true seeing of whoever is before you is how fear and prejudice in all societies will be healed.

I send my blessings to all who take up this cause.

With much love,


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